Privacy Policy

We at Measuring Microscope take the security of our customers very seriously. The personal data which you provide for us will be protected because your privacy is very important for your safety, which is why we protect this information using the best methods we know. This is why we have created this privacy policy page to assist in informing you about how we keep your information safe.

As you may now know, we collect certain information from our customers, which would be the name, address for both billing and shipping, birthday, contact information and credit card information if it would be applicable. All of this is important in different parts of the transaction, such as billing, shipping, some updates and legalities. In addition, it will provide us with a great way to reach out to you.

The information we receive will be kept safe by us. We keep your information in safe locations with extra measures taken for added security. Don’t worry about third-party organizations and other individuals either because we will never hand out your information to them. Neither will we use your personal data for our own profit.

We have the right to make changes regarding our policies if the need will present itself. If that is going to be the case, we will immediately take time to inform you about them during the implementation of said changes.